How the Big Ten’s new TV deal might shake up college football, according to a study

The Big Ten has decided to expand the way it sells college football to TV, allowing the conference to stream games on platforms other than ESPN and ABC, the Big 12 and Pac-12.

The Big Ten, in a blog post Monday, says it has “an opportunity to expand on this opportunity to stream College Football at even greater scale and to offer our fans even greater value.”

It says that, “With its commitment to digital distribution, the Conference will be able to offer its fans more value from their television subscriptions, enabling them to experience more games, more games in greater quality and at higher quality.”

The move to stream live college football is not surprising given the conference’s recent moves to invest in streaming.

In November, the league announced a deal with CBS to stream all Big Ten games on ESPN.

Last week, the conference announced it was partnering with the Disney-owned ESPN to stream the Big East’s games.

The agreement allows the Big 10 to stream four Big East games per season.

As part of the new deal, the college football network will be streaming the conference games on CBS Sports’ network.

CBS Sports will be the primary home of the Big 11’s games, with a home in Arlington, Texas.

The Big 12’s games will be streamed on the Big 5’s network.CBS Sports will also stream games from the Big 7 and Pac 12.

In the new plan, the CBS network will stream games through the Big Eight and Big 12 networks, but the conference will not be able stream Pac-10 games through ESPN.CBS will also be streaming games on the SEC Network, and the SEC will be hosting its own live college game stream on ESPN in 2017.

CBS is also slated to stream two SEC games on ABC, which could be a sign that the network is considering expanding its presence in the SEC.

The SEC Network will also have live conference telecasts on ESPN, CBS, and ESPN2.

The SEC Network has the distinction of being the only network in the country that has no home games on its network.

SEC Network games are shown on ABC and CBS networks, with the SEC games shown on CBS Network in 2018.

The conference will also continue to stream home games through CBS Sports, but will be limited to airing its own games in the network’s home market of Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.CBS also has an agreement with the NFL to stream its games.

CBS will televise its regular-season games on NBC, with games on Fox, ABC, and CBS network affiliates.

CBS has not announced any plans to televise games on other networks.

The move also comes as the Big 13 Conference is considering a plan to expand its network, potentially by expanding the Big 8.

The conference is also considering expansion of its conference championship game to a different conference.

The moves by the Big Nine and Pac 10 to expand their broadcast deals comes as ESPN and Fox are also looking to add new programming to their streaming platforms.

ESPN and the Big 4 are currently the only broadcast networks that do not currently offer live college basketball coverage.