Which NFL fantasy football team has the best pass defense?

The most common question that fans have is which NFL fantasy team has a better pass defense.

We’ve seen the most pass rush in the NFL this season, which can be attributed to the emergence of rookie cornerbacks like Antonio Cromartie and Xavier Rhodes.

There are also more pass breakups this year, and the pass rush is being utilized more.

However, while the pass rushing is being used more, the pass defense is performing well as well.

The Titans defense is allowing just 5.9 points per game and is allowing only 1.8 per game, the worst mark in the league.

The pass rush has allowed only 16 sacks in the past four games, a far cry from the 13.5 sacks allowed in the first four games.

The Bills defense has allowed just 5 sacks and is yielding just 2.5 points per drive.

Thats not the best, but it is still respectable.

The Browns are averaging 5.3 points per contest and allowing just 2 per game.

The Steelers are allowing 3.5 and allowing 4.5.

Those are the two teams that have the worst pass defenses in the game.

That means the Browns are allowing just 3.3 and allowing 3 per game while the Steelers are giving up 7.0 and allowing 7.6 per game respectively. 

The Bills and Steelers are the only teams that are allowing fewer than 4.0 points per offensive play.

The Chargers and Jaguars are the ones that are giving more than 4 points per play, but the Titans have allowed less than 5 points per pass attempt. 

The Titans are not giving up enough points per passing attempt, so the defense is giving up yards per attempt.

The defense has given up 3.0 yards per passing play. 

Since the Titans offense is not allowing many yards per pass play, that means the defense will be a little more effective with more time to create the run.

That could mean more chances for the Titans to get yards in the passing game. 

This chart shows how the Browns defense has performed in the games that the Titans defense has been the best.

The blue area is where the defense has done well, the purple area is not good, and yellow is not bad. 

When looking at the red area, the defense should be a lot better.

The purple area indicates a good defense, but is not great. 

Here is the defense that has performed well the most this season: The Titans have given up just 2 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions this season.

The average of those two is 5.8 points per attempt, which is the lowest mark in fantasy football.

The last time that the defense gave up more than 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions was in Week 14 against the Browns. 

It is also worth noting that the Browns offense has allowed 2.6 yards per play this season and the defense just gave up 2.0. 

While the Browns offensive performance is not outstanding, it is good enough for sixth best in the AFC. 

Overall, the Titans pass defense has a .6 point per play average.

The team has allowed 10 sacks in eight games, the third most in the entire NFL.

The top five teams in sacks per game this season are the Ravens, Broncos, Seahawks, Steelers, and Steelers. 

If the Titans can improve their pass defense, they could have a solid defense this season in a division that is very tight. 

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