Which team has the best record in the Big Ten?

By now, you’ve heard that Michigan and Ohio State are the two best teams in the conference.

Both have a winning record, though.

Which team is the best in the league? 

You know, in terms of winning percentage. 

But let’s not forget about the other teams. 

Which team has been the best at every position? 

The answer is Nebraska. 

The Cornhuskers have won their last three games, and have been dominant in every other facet of the game. 

Last year, they had an offense that averaged almost 30 points per game.

This year, it’s been even better. 

Here are the Nebraska stats of the past four seasons: Opponent: Nebraska, Purdue, Iowa State, Michigan Source: College Football Scorecard, CBS Sports, ESPN Stats & Info, Football Outsiders The Cornhkers have played the most efficient offense in the nation over the past three seasons.

Their rushing attack has helped them put up points at a much higher rate than most other teams, and their offensive line has done an outstanding job protecting quarterbacks. 

They’ve had one of the most successful quarterbacks in the country in Mitch Trubisky, and the offensive line is helping him improve. 

Michigan has been a consistent defensive team since losing Jake Rudock in 2018. 

Their defense is a bit of a question mark this season, with their secondary failing to do a whole lot to stop opposing quarterbacks from scoring touchdowns.

But this is still a good defensive team, and they should be able to get by with a few injuries to key players. 

Ohio State has been one of their most consistent teams in years.

Their offense is efficient, their defense has struggled mightily over the last few seasons, and a few of the offensive lines have struggled. 

Now, let’s look at how Nebraska has fared against the other five teams that have a losing record. 

Opponents: Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, Ohio, Purdue Source: College Sports Information Services, CBSSports, ESPNStats & Info There are two teams on this list that are a bit off-track, though, and that is Ohio State and Michigan. 

If you watched Ohio State’s win over Michigan in the College Football Playoff last year, you might have noticed that the Buckeyes offense was much more efficient than they had been in the previous two years. 

That was a big difference this year. 

What is the difference? 

Well, they threw the ball more. 

This year, OhioState is averaging 6.4 yards per play, and it’s not just because they’re throwing more.

It’s because they are throwing the ball so much more than they did last year.

They’ve been throwing it at least 20% more often than they have in years past. 

Against Michigan in 2018, they ran for more than 100 yards, and did so for three touchdowns. 

In 2018, Ohio went 12-for-16 on third down.

This season, they’re at 8-for, 10-for (including touchdowns). 

Michigan is a different story. 

A lot of people would say they’ve struggled to score against the Buckeye offense, and Michigan’s offense has been pretty average over the years.

That’s still the case this year, with the Wolverines going 9-for 18 (including four touchdowns).

It’s still not the greatest of stats, but it’s a start. 

When Ohio State faced the Wolverys in the last college football game of the year, Michigan had just four players in the box. 

I’ve said before that this game was one of those games where Ohio State needed to score early. 

And if they didn’t score, they could’ve easily lost the game by one score. 

With the defense playing well this year and the offense being able to play at a high level, Michigan is a team that should be on the winning end of this rivalry series. 

So, which team is going to win the Big 12 this year? 

Michigan won its last game against Ohio State in 2021, but Michigan has since lost to the Bucas in a very close game.

If Michigan beats Ohio State this year at home, I’d say the Wolveries will be the favorite. 

Penn State has not played in the Cotton Bowl since 2014, but that game was close. 

It was also a great game for Penn State, as the Nittany Lions beat Michigan 41-0 in the Rose Bowl. 

These two teams have been very good against each other this season. 

Wisconsin’s defense has been good all season, but their offense has struggled.

They are averaging just 4.6 yards per carry and just 3.4 points per carry. 

There is a reason why Wisconsin has not won a Big Ten championship since 2004. 

Let’s look a bit deeper into the other four teams on the list. 

Indiana has had