Why UT football will beat UCLA on Saturday

UT football players are getting ready to take on UCLA on the field at 5 p.m.

ET on Saturday night.UT coach Kevin Sumlin says he’s been planning the game for some time.

He says he got a call from his friend and fellow UT football player Andrew Bynum, who said he was going to be at the game.

Bynam told Sumlin that he was coming down to New Braunfels to be with Sumlin and his family, but that he never got a chance to meet the coach.

He said he wanted to be there, but when he arrived, Sumlin had gone to his locker room.

When he got there, Bynums was gone.

He told Sumlins team he wanted him to take him to the locker room and leave a message on the door.

Sumlin left, and he said he didn’t know why.

He called Bynms and told him to come get him.

He said he saw Sumlin on the bus outside.

Bynums texted a photo of Sumlin to his family.

Bys texted him, “I just saw you and you left me and my wife, and I’m really sorry for that.”

Bynum texted back, “He did that, he left.”

He said Sumlin said he had a little talk with Byns mom, who was there with him.

He added, “She’s been crying a lot.

She’s been freaking out.

It’s kind of crazy.”

Sumlin told reporters that Bynoms mom told him he should have texted her to say something, but Bynom’s mom told me he didn.

She said she’s not mad, and it’s a big deal to her.

Sumlen said he’ll talk to Byn’s mom about it.

He also said that he texted Byn and told her that his phone battery is dead.

He’s still texting, but he’s not talking about it anymore.

He texted her a photo, and said he’s happy that she’s OK.

He texted her about a day ago, and she’s just been like, ‘Oh my God, I need to get out of here.’

“He said the team had some good conversations with her and her husband.

Bynys texted another friend. “

He’s not here anymore, he’s gone.”

Bynys texted another friend.

“That’s crazy.”

Bys said he doesn’t know how long he’s going to stay at the hospital.

He thinks it might be a couple of days.

He just wants someone to tell him what happened.