How much of the $4 billion TV rights deal will go to college football?

ESPN’s decision to buy a majority stake in NFL Network comes just days after ESPN reported that the network had been able to secure the rights to play the entire 2018 regular season on the CBS All Access platform.

The deal with CBS includes all of the regular season games that CBS and the NFL will broadcast through 2022, including all games broadcast in 2018 and 2019.

That means ESPN’s deal with the network would give the network access to all regular season NFL games on the network, even if they were only on Sundays in 2018 or 2019.

The move to buy CBS’s rights comes after the network’s deal to acquire the rights in 2018 ended.

CBS Sports Network had previously announced that it would end its ownership of the network in 2018.

CBS Sports Networks will continue to be part of ESPN for the next 25 years.””

We look forward to continuing our partnership with CBS Sports and continuing to build upon the ESPN and ESPN2 legacy of quality programming, both on and off the field.

CBS Sports Networks will continue to be part of ESPN for the next 25 years.”

The deal was announced on Monday.

ESPN and CBS announced in March that they had signed a deal that would give CBS a 50 percent share in the network for 2023.ESPN is the parent company of ESPN and has an option to purchase a 49.7 percent stake in CBS.ESPN has the rights for 12 regular season football games in the NFL and is also part of the NFL Network.

CBS is the official home of the league’s Sunday Night Football and college football.