Clemson’s Huskies play Washington, but how can they beat the Huskies?

By Ryan Dickey | 6:59pm Clemson’s offense is going to have to get its act together if the Husky offense is to have any chance at beating the Clemson offense.

The Tigers offense has been awful this season, averaging only 41.6 points per game.

They have the second worst rushing offense in the nation, averaging just 18.7 yards per rush.

This means that the Tigers have only one player who is capable of making a big play, and that’s star wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

But Benjamin is only good for 14 yards per reception, which is worse than his season average of just 12.7.

The Tigers’ offense needs to find a way to get to Benjamin, but the Huskies defense can’t stop him.

Clemson has allowed the fourth most touchdowns in the country, and only three other teams have allowed more than the Tigers.

This game will be crucial for both teams, because both teams have had their moments of greatness this season.

The Huskies are going to need a lot of help from the defense.

Clemson had the second best defensive rating in the ACC this season at 102.1, but has allowed 538 yards of offense and a whopping 21 points per contest.

This is a big concern for Clemson, as they have only allowed one touchdown on the season.

The Huskies will have to figure out how to stop the run, which has been a problem for them this season in their losses to South Carolina and Notre Dame.

Clemson can’t allow the Huskers to get pressure on their QB and get into their own endzone.

Clemson is going the right way on offense, but they’re going to get beat in the end zone.

This will be a battle of the trenches for the Clemson defense.

The defense can beat the run with a lot more pressure, but it will be difficult for the offense to do so.

The biggest play of the game will have nothing to do with who wins the game.

The biggest play will be whether the Husks defense is able to get the ball out of the endzone against the Clemson running game.

If they can do that, Clemson is in a position to win this game.

The game is on ESPN2 and will be broadcast on Saturday at 8 p.m.