Illini Football schedule: ‘We’re in the midst of a really big rebuild’

The Illini football program is entering its fifth season in the Big Ten and its third in the conference.

The program is now on pace to finish the season with a record of 19-3.

“I think we’re in a really good place right now,” head coach Tim Miles said.

“We’re coming off of a big win at home against Iowa and I think we’ve put ourselves in a good position to continue to build on what we have going on in our program.”

Obviously, the Big 10 Championship was a huge stepping stone, but we’ve got a lot of work to do to continue building on that momentum and that momentum we have now, especially in terms of recruiting.

“Miles was also keen to stress that there is still plenty of time for Illini to improve on the 2014 season.”

It’s a long season.

We’re in our fifth season.

That’s a big season,” he said.

The team has won the Big 12 Conference title six times, including a pair of conference titles.

The Illinis are currently fourth in the all-time series between the two teams with a 23-17 record.

The Illini are set to host Purdue at 5:30pm on Friday night at the Gannett Center in Indianapolis.