Arizona Football: The Year in Review

The following are some of the highlights of the 2015 Arizona football season, as ranked by our readers.

Arizona’s schedule has been a bit of a mixed bag so far.

They’ve played three of the last four Pac-12 opponents, and they’ll travel to host the Big 12 champion BYU on Oct. 31.

But with that game at the hands of BYU, Arizona has no home games until the next week.

The rest of the schedule is pretty standard for the Wildcats, which has given them a ton of opportunities to play better teams than they did in 2015.

They did play Washington State in Seattle on Saturday, and the Cougars have since dropped a game to Oregon State.

But the Ducks have been much more consistent, with the last two weeks of the season being against USC and Oregon State, as well as Arizona State.

Arizona is a bit less predictable than Oregon, with a bye week before their next game, and a week before the next one.

That means the Wildcats have a lot of time to get better and improve.

The only real risk is if Arizona loses a game in October and November, which would mean a big leap in expectations.

But as long as Arizona is able to find a way to stay in the top 25, they’ll be a good team for a long time.

Arizona will likely play four teams in the Top 25 next season.

The Wildcats play Stanford, UCLA, USC, and Washington in the fall, and then play Oregon in the Pac-10 championship game.

If Arizona were to win those games, the Wildcats would still be a Top 25 team.

They’ll also play Washington in two consecutive weeks in the playoffs, and there will be no home playoff games for the rest of that season.

That would give Arizona a lot to play for.

Arizona has some of its most exciting players in quarterback Matt Barkley and running back D.J. Foster, and both of them are entering their prime.

However, with quarterback Carson Palmer out for the year due to neck surgery, Arizona will be relying on the play of Heisman Trophy candidate Ryan Lindley.

Lindley has been fantastic for the team, and it’s hard to imagine he’ll be replaced by any other quarterback.

However if Lindley is still a starter, Arizona would have a ton to work with in 2017.

The offense could also use a boost from outside linebacker Jonathan Cyprien, who is the team’s leading tackler.

If Cypri, a former first-team All-Pac-12 selection, can stay healthy, he could help the defense, which will need more help from its defensive line.

If Arizona can get the win against USC on Oct., that should keep it in the conversation for a Top 5 team in the West.

The Ducks are the team to beat in the conference.

However in this case, Arizona’s chances are slim to none.

If they lose to the Trojans, it could be the start of a long season for the Ducks.

If the Ducks win, it’ll be an early playoff exit for Arizona.

If USC beats Arizona on Oct, then the season is over.