How to Watch’s Week 2 Draft Preview for Free

The 2017 NFL Draft is set to begin tomorrow, with the first round taking place on Thursday night at 7:30pm ET (7:30am PT) with the top 10 selections on hand.

The game itself, which will be televised live on NFL Network, will be on Fox Sports 1.

The first round is set for 7:15pm ET and the second round is scheduled for 7pm ET.

The first round features six teams with at least one first-round pick, which includes the Jacksonville Jaguars (first round, third overall), the San Francisco 49ers (second round, second overall), Cleveland Browns (first and fourth overall), Philadelphia Eagles (second and seventh overall), Carolina Panthers (second overall, fifth overall), Cincinnati Bengals (first overall, sixth overall) and New York Giants (first pick, sixth round).

The top five picks in the second and third rounds will be announced on Friday.

The game will be broadcast on NFL Networks at 7pm.

NFL Network will be available online on NFL.TV at 7am ET and NFL app on NFL Mobile at 7.30am ET.

For a complete list of picks, check out the draft preview for free.