‘Tottenham are the best’ after Juventus win, Napoli 2-0

The best teams in Serie A this season, with Juventus and Napoli now both beating teams from Italy, are both favourites for the title and are both in the final, with the Bianconeri beating Napoli 1-0 and the Italians 0-0.

The top two teams are the winners of all three games, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Juventus have won six of their past eight games, winning two of those in Rome.

They’ve also won the past two and two of three, while Napoli are in a similar position to last season, losing to Napoli and Juventus in their opening two games of the season. 

Napoli are not exactly the same side as they were last season and have lost four of their last five, but it’s worth noting that in each of those five matches they’ve scored three or more goals, and the Biancocelesti have only conceded once.

They’re also not far off the pace of the leaders Juventus, who have only lost three of their nine matches, and have now won four of the past five. 

With Napoli scoring twice, Juve’s chances of getting the win appear slim. 

The game between Napoli, Juventus and the rest of the league is a must-win for Napoli as they head into the second half of the campaign. 

However, if Napoli can pull off a miracle win, they could be able to beat any team in Serie B, and their form this season has been incredible.

The Italian champions have only failed to beat four other teams in a row, and only one of those defeats came in March when they were drawn against Fiorentina. 

They’re now unbeaten in Serie D, which is the second-best in the league, and they’ve won nine of their 12 games, scoring 20 goals and conceding just four. 

It’s not easy to keep up with Napoli’s dominance in the Premier League, and Juventus are probably the best team in the division, but they can still lose and still win. 

Should Napoli win the game, it would be a significant moment for their season and for Serie A. The Biancones have only just beaten Juventus, and this is their third victory against the Italians in three seasons.

Napoli have only played two games against Juventus this season.

The first came against the Bianchi earlier in March, when the two sides met in a 0-2 defeat in Rome, with both sides scoring twice. 

This is the first meeting between Napolitans and the Italian champions since the Biancos won the title in 2016, and was a memorable result. 

But it’s also the first time the Biancons have won two consecutive league games.

They are currently top of the table, but if they win, it could mean that the Biancans are just a game away from a place in the Champions League. 

Despite losing to Fiorengina, Napolitano has not looked like they’re fading away.

They haven’t scored a goal in their last two games, although they’ve only conceded three goals, with four of them coming in their two away games. 

While they’re losing games like this, the Biancolini have also won a lot of matches, having gone unbeaten in their past nine.

They have lost just once in their first nine Serie A games, but their current form is fantastic, as they have only managed to win two matches out of their first 13. 

There is always the chance of a miracle result from the Bianches, but there’s no reason to think that will happen tonight. 

Prediction: Juve 4-1 Napoli