Why does Rutgers have the best defense in the country?

Posted August 16, 2019 06:21:49The New Jersey Generals have had their ups and downs the past few years, but they’re still one of the best defenses in the nation, according to Pro Football Focus.

That’s good news for Rutgers fans as they prepare to face Rutgers-Newark on Thursday.

The Terps will look to hold the Scarlet Knights to just 1.5 yards per play through the air, with the Scarlet Devils’ secondary ranking second in yards allowed per play.

In 2016, the Generals ranked fourth in yards per game allowed, averaging 1.33 yards per carry.

That number has dropped to 0.67 yards per pass and 0.56 yards per rush this season.

This year’s unit is ranked 15th in yards against, allowing a league-low 4.8 yards per drive.

Rutgers has allowed 4.3 yards per rushing attempt and just 3.7 yards per passing attempt.

The defense has allowed just one touchdown and just two interceptions.

The Scarlet Knights have had some struggles offensively in recent years, as they rank 15th nationally in total defense, allowing 8.3 points per game and a league worst 13.4 points per contest.

Rutgers is second in the conference in points allowed per game (17.0) and seventh in passing defense (22.4).

Rutger is the third-ranked defense in PFF’s composite rankings, but it is the worst in the ACC.

The Blue Devils are also second in total offense at 5,088 yards per season.

The Terps are ranked eighth in yards (4,966) and total offense (5,965) this season, but just 19th in points per attempt (9.4) and 13th in scoring defense (14.4), which is tied for ninth in the FBS.RUTERS OFFENSE —————————Ruters is one of three teams in the SEC with a touchdown-to-interception ratio over 20%.

The Bulldogs are second in that category, with a TD-to, INT ratio of 21.9%.

The Scarlet Knights are fourth, with an INT-to ratio of 24.1%.

Ruties ranks second in both scoring offense (17 points per play) and points scored per game per game, but also is in the bottom half of the league in both categories.

The Bulldogs average 16.5 points per offensive play and 19.0 points per possession, while the Scarlet Kings average 18.8 points per offense and 19 (2.3) and 20.9 (3.3).

The Bulldogs have scored touchdowns in seven consecutive games and are 11-1 on the year, which is the longest streak in the league.

The Scarlet Knight have won four straight and are 12-1 since the start of December.

The Bulldogs are leading the conference with an average of 7.6 yards per attempt, while Rutgers has scored seven or more points in four straight games and is ranked fifth in the Atlantic Coast Conference in total scoring offense.

The Red Wolves have a total of 2,724 yards on the ground, which ranks ninth nationally.

The Blue Devils have rushed for 1,906 yards and six touchdowns in four games this season against the Wolfpack.

RUTgers has a record of 11-2 against the Bulldogs, including 6-1 this season when the Terps have scored two touchdowns.

The Wolfpack have a winning record against the General Conference all-time record holder, defeating Rutgers on Dec. 4, 2015, 38-13.

The Generals are 4-0 against the Blue Devils.