Why the Miami Dolphins are the best team in the NFL, according to NFL analysts

On Wednesday, I posted the first of two pieces about why the Miami Hurricanes are the NFL’s best team. 

It was a quick response to an article by Aaron Schatz, who wrote that “The best teams in the league, no matter what, are not the ones that are good by any stretch of the imagination.

Miami is the best, and you can’t beat them.

You have to go beyond what they do.

And that’s what I do.” 

I asked Schatz to explain how the Dolphins could be the best. 

“Well, first off, they have a really good offensive line, a really solid defensive line and a great quarterback who makes the most out of every play,” he said.

“They have some guys who can play multiple positions on defense, and a lot of them are versatile, too.

You don’t want to go to the wrong position and you don’t have to do it the wrong way. 

Then, you have a quarterback who has a lot more upside than a lot the other quarterbacks. 

So, when you look at the Miami offense, you just have to look at it, because that’s the way they play.” 

Schatz said that while the offense is “a little bit different” than what we saw last year, it’s still “really good.” 

“I think you look past the numbers and look at what the team does on the field,” he continued.

“The Dolphins are very, very good.

The defense is really good.

You can say that they’re a little bit off the charts, but I think the offense does a really, really good job of taking advantage of those opportunities.” 

In the article, Schatz cited the Dolphins “lucrative” contract extension that was signed by offensive tackle Branden Albert and receiver Mike Wallace last season, which was the most expensive in NFL history. 

In addition, he cited the fact that “the Dolphins are getting younger.” 

Now, I know that the Miami-Florida rivalry is in the news every year.

But, I’m not sure that this article is going to change that. 

The Hurricanes are clearly a better team than the Dolphins.

But they’re also not as good as the Falcons or Browns. 

And, while they’re definitely better than the Jets and Colts, the Dolphins are not as great as the Rams, Chargers, Cowboys, Packers, Jaguars, Patriots, Panthers, Saints, Ravens, and Bengals. 

I’m not saying the Dolphins aren’t a very good team, but they’re not good enough to win a championship. 

But, Schats article still does a great job of highlighting the reasons why the Dolphins might be better than everyone else. 

Now that we’ve gotten through the basics, I want to get to the most important part of this piece: why they’re the best in the NFC South. 

Let’s start with why the Eagles are a better NFL team than they are in the AFC East. 

There are a lot that go into this topic, but it’s easy to skip to the conclusion that the Eagles should be better. 

They’re a better football team than everyone. 

However, when it comes to their defense, I think that’s a little unfair. 

For one, they don’t seem to have a very talented linebacker corps. 

Their defense is very, kind of underrated. 

To be clear, they are ranked sixth in the entire league. 

At the position, the Eagles have three top-10 corners. 

Ryan Kerrigan is their best defensive end. 

He is a first-team All-Pro, which is impressive, but his best play is the game-sealing interception he made last season against the Packers. 

Matt Tobin and Nate Allen are second and third on the Eagles’ depth chart, respectively. 

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and defensive end Chris Long are third and fourth, respectively, and cornerback Byron Maxwell is third. 

If you’re counting the Eagles, they’re ranked sixth. 

That’s not great, but the defense is still good enough. 

You can’t really compare the Eagles to the Falcons, Browns, and Dolphins. 

Each of those teams has a weak or mediocre defense, but none of those three teams is as bad as the Eagles. 

Furthermore, the Giants are one of the best defenses in the game, and they have two very talented linebackers in Eli Apple and Damon Harrison. 

As for the Cowboys, I don’t think they should be ranked here, because they’re still pretty bad. 

Still, the Cowboys have two top-five defenders in DeMarcus Ware and Brandon Carr. 

Also, the Raiders have a solid defensive front, and the team has a top-15 defense in Khalil Mack. 

Dallas has a defense that is among the best of any team in football. 

Of course, that’s not all that is impressive about Dallas.