How Football’s NCAA Football Powerhouse, Texas A&M, Has Taught the Game to the Rest of Us

It’s a little strange to be watching the Oklahoma Sooners at a home game on television, but that’s what we’re doing here.

The University of Texas at Austin is the home of the Big 12 Conference and, if you’re looking for a little Texas pride, it’s the home for the Aggies.

This is one of the best games in college football right now, and you should see it again soon.

But you can’t just sit and watch the Aggie’s.

You have to see the Aggy’s.

Here’s why.

The Texas Longhorns won’t play the Baylor Bears in a regular season game.

They won’t even have their own mascot, the Longhorns.

Instead, they’ll be playing a neutral-site opponent against a team from a Division II conference, the Big East.

It’s not exactly a traditional rivalry, but it’s a good one nonetheless.

And it has been for the last few years, as Texas has struggled to win in Texas and has lost to rival Ohio State more often than not.

If you’re a Texas fan, you know this is a must-see.

For a long time, fans in the Big South thought they had no chance of playing in the big time.

Now, it seems they’ve finally found a way.

The Aggies are the Big Ten East champions, the conference’s best team, and they are playing a team they’ll likely win in the regular season, regardless of who wins the Big Dance in December.

But that’s not all.

The team is also the Big 11 Conference champions, and that’s even better news for the Big 10 because they are the league’s third-best team.

So, if they beat Oklahoma, it’ll be the most important win in Big 12 history.

That’s right, the league has two conference champions, one in the West and one in a Pac-12 East division.

You can also see how the conference is stacked with talented players.

Texas has a quarterback in Kevin Sumlin who has been to the Big XII Championship Game twice, and two offensive linemen in David Ash, who went to the BCS National Championship Game and the Orange Bowl, and defensive tackle Michael Williams, who was a three-star recruit from Texas in 2012.

Texas also has two safeties in the first round of the NFL Draft, and both of those players are seniors.

The Longhorns are also a power on defense, having ranked fifth in the nation last season in total defense and third in total yards allowed.

But they also have a top-ranked offensive line and an elite quarterback in quarterback Tyler Wilson.

And the defense is just as good.

It had been a big issue for Texas.

The offense struggled in 2015, ranking 25th in yards per game (315.3), and had ranked 20th in points allowed (19.7), 23rd in total offense (282.7) and 22nd in total touchdowns (11).

So, the offense looked to be on the back foot for most of the season.

But Sumlin had the Longhorn defense playing better than ever.

They ranked second in the country in total rushing yards per contest (5.8) and third nationally in yards allowed per game allowed (193.5).

They also led the Big West Conference in total pass defense, allowing just 15.4 yards per attempt.

And, in fact, they led the league in both rushing defense and passing defense.

It was a huge turnaround from a year ago, when Texas had ranked 24th nationally and was at the bottom of the league.

But after winning the Big Eight, they were suddenly a national power.

Now they’re back to the top of the conference.

And in doing so, they’ve found the best way to win football games, too.

The Big 12 is the most valuable league in college basketball.

There are only three teams in the conference that don’t have a losing record: TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma.

The other two teams that have had winning records are Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.

That makes it an exciting time to watch the Big Twelve, and the Aggians have a lot to prove after losing to TCU and Baylor.

And while Oklahoma’s success is undeniable, the Sooners’ season isn’t.

The Sooners lost to Oklahoma State in the NCAA Tournament, losing by 25 points in the final minute of regulation.

And they also lost to Baylor, who had won three games by 13 points or more.

Texas is the best team in the league, and its success should translate into the Big House in December, too, as the Longhos are expected to beat Texas in Austin.

The first half is always unpredictable.

The schedule is always packed.

But the Big12 Conference championship game is always special.

And there’s no better way to experience it than on television.