What does Miami football schedule look like for 2019?

Posted November 12, 2019 09:10:57 Miami football is set to get off to a slow start, with a week-long break following the Miami Hurricanes opener against the Florida Gators.

The game will be played at noon ET on Saturday, November 13, against the Miami-Florida State Seminoles.

The bye week will start on Saturday.

It will then be extended to Thursday, November 17.

The first three weeks of the schedule will be divided between games against Georgia Southern, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Monroe and Tennessee State.

The Hurricanes have two more games scheduled against the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Florida International Panthers, with two more against North Carolina State and LSU.

The schedule is still up in the air.

Head coach David Cutcliffe and the team will be hoping that the bye week can help the team adjust and get the most out of the new quarterback, Treon Harris.

It is possible that the team could use a breather for the bye and go back to the normal schedule with a two-week break.

There will be some change in the gamebooks, as Miami has not played since 2014.

The team is playing against Florida International, Tennessee, Georgia Southern and Louisiana-México State, as well as LSU.

They will be playing Florida Atlantic, Georgia Tech and South Carolina State.

Miami will face Southern Miss and LSU, and then head to South Florida to face Florida Atlantic and South Florida.

The two weeks between those two games will allow the team to rest up and focus on preparing for the first game of the 2019 season.

The next two weeks are scheduled to take place against Southern Miss, South Carolina and Arkansas State.

That will be followed by a home-and-home with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

The next game is scheduled for November 21 against Arkansas State and the following week against Florida Atlantic.

Miami’s next two games are against LSU and Arkansas.

The last time Miami played Arkansas State was in the Sugar Bowl in 2021.

The Tigers will be back in action in the Orange Bowl against No. 4 LSU.

Miami will play at South Carolina in the next game, against Louisiana-Lafayette, on November 27.

The first of those games will be a home game, as it is the first home game for Miami since 2017.

The team will then travel to Georgia Southern to face Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia Southern.

That final game will also be a road game.

Miami has three more games to play in the 2018 season.

Those include games against No: 3 South Carolina, No. 12 Louisiana-Rescue, No: 9 Georgia Southern in the Georgia Dome and No. 10 Georgia Southern at home against Louisiana Tech.

The Hurricanes will face Georgia Southern on November 23 and Georgia Tech at home again on December 7.

Miami is expected to be a game-time decision for the Orange and Black in 2018.

Miami is coming off a loss to Texas A&M in the first week of the season, and is 3-4 on the season.

Miami could also be in the mix for a bowl game against Arkansas in 2019.