Fantasy Football: Oklahomans are going to beat the Eagles

Oklahoma Sooners football players have taken to Twitter to thank fans for their support in the wake of the team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers.

According to a report in the Oklahoma Daily News, Oklahoman players have posted a photo of the message on their Instagram accounts.

The message reads: “So glad to hear that @KirbyJohnson is here to support the @OKC_FB team as they battle the @Panthers!


Kirbyson Johnson (@kirbyjohnson4) December 19, 2017A photo of @KiraJohnson1 with the message: “SO glad to see @kirbonyns3 here to help the @Oklahoma_FB #FB Team as they fight the @Camels.

#PantsNation”A photo from @kirajohnson1 with a message: “@kirbsonn is here with us.

Thank you for your love and support!

#OKCFB #PANTherNation”An Oklahoma Sooner fan wearing a #TeamOklahoma hat posted the photo on Instagram, captioned with the words: “I cant believe my eyes!

#finally, the team has @kirkjohnson3 back and we are gonna win!


Oklahoma Sooners coach Andy Ludwig tweeted about the post on Wednesday, saying: “It is with great sadness that I share with you that the #OklahomaBirds lost to #PANTHERS tonight in the National Football Conference Championship game.

#TeamKirkJohnson3 is a special part of our team, but we also have a special #TeamCameron Johnson.#TeamOkCFB”Oklahoma’s #TeamOKC hat has become a trending topic on Twitter.

Oklahoma fans have also expressed their disappointment at the loss to Carolina.

“Pantries @OK_CBills #Bears fans are #TeamPantheus and #TeamCamels,” tweeted one Twitter user.

“I cant even believe the Panthers lost to the Eagles, this was one of the most heartbreaking games Ive ever been to,” wrote another.