What Clemson’s 2016 schedule looks like and how it stacks up against the rest of the ACC.

The ACC schedule is in the midst of a huge transformation.

Clemson has already gone from being a mid-major to an early-season contender, to the most-ranked team in the ACC, to being a preseason favorite for the national championship.

The schedule is also undergoing a major overhaul.

The Tigers face the first three teams ranked in the AP poll this season (Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Clemson) as well as Virginia Tech and NC State.

Clemson also faces the first two teams ranked nationally and the top two teams in each conference (Florida and Duke) for the first time.

And Clemson is back in the mix for the ACC regular season championship.

That said, the Tigers are only a half-game behind Duke for the second spot, and only one game behind Florida for the third spot.

Clemson’s schedule is already stacked, but how it compares to the rest in the league is an open question.

In order to give Clemson an advantage against the competition, we will look at the teams that the Tigers should be favored against based on their overall record and how they compare to their peers.

The Top-10 Team(s) in the East Clemson will face Clemson (2-2), Notre Dame (1-1), Louisville (0-1) and Duke (1, 1, 1).

The top-five teams in the West The Cavaliers will face Florida (3-1-0), Kentucky (3, 2, 1), Duke (3) and Oklahoma State (2).

Duke will be a tough test for the Tigers in the rematch with Clemson, as the Blue Devils have not beaten Clemson since 2004.

Florida will be the first team to beat Clemson since 2008.

Drake Johnson will lead the Gators to an improbable win against the Tigers.

Louisville will face off against the ACC’s second-ranked defense, and Duke will have to go toe-to-toe with the Blue Demons on the road.

Oklahoma State will face the No. 4-ranked Tigers and the No 3-ranked Wildcats.

Kentucky will meet Clemson for the ninth time in 11 years.

With a record of 7-5-0, the Wildcats are coming off of a 34-3 victory over Virginia Tech.

There are a few more games in the regular season, but the Tigers have already won three in a row.

Clemson will be favored to win all of them.

Final Four Bracket Clemson will travel to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech, a team that has not played a ranked opponent since the 2004-05 season.

This game will be played at the Georgia Dome, which was renovated in 2015.

Clemson is coming off a 38-14 victory over Florida State, which has been ranked in a top 10 game in every year since 2004-2005.

Georgia Tech will be facing its first top-10 opponent since 2009-10.

As Clemson has a history of facing top-ten teams, Georgia Tech has the ability to come in and play the Tigers on the first half.

If Clemson can win this game, they will finish the regular-season ranked No. 3 in the nation.

What’s at stake?

The game will determine who has the No, 1 or No. 10 seed in the first round.

Each team plays the other for the conference championship.

How will Clemson fare against the other teams in their conference?

Clemson will have two very difficult games to play in the conference tournament.

Clemson and Georgia Tech will meet on the last weekend of March.

Clemson could win both games, but if Clemson loses in the championship game, it will have a tough time finishing top five.

For Georgia Tech and Clemson, it’s not just about winning in Atlanta.

The Blue Devils are coming to town to face a team they have not faced in a while.

While Clemson will likely finish the season No. 1, it could face a tough season with only one win to show for it.

Clemson might be the favorite to win the ACC title, but there are many teams that will have some serious competition for the crown.

Who’s at the top of the schedule?

Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Duke, Louisville and Oklahoma are all ranked in either the AP Top 25 or the Coaches Poll.

Here are the top 10 teams in both the ACC and Big 12.

Auburn will have the top-ranked defensive team in college football.

Wisconsin has the best offense in the country.

Texas A&M is the most talented team in football. 

Alabama is in line to be a top-25 team.

Kansas State has a lot of talent on offense and will be in the SEC title game.

Nebraska is in a position to be in contention for the Big Ten title.

Iowa State will be one of the favorites to win conference title